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Gums Surgery

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Many people are aware of the importance of taking care of their teeth but are surprised to learn that their gum health is equally important. The truth is that the gums serve as the foundation for the rest of your smile and also affect your general health, so it’s critical to keep them healthy. Since gum disease is quite common and has so many consequences, Dr. Heim and Dr. Carroll take it very seriously. We monitor your gums closely at each checkup and, when necessary, recommend gum disease treatment in Glastonbury, CT to manage the condition. If you think your gums could use a little help, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Whenever possible, our team will always try to save your natural tooth structure, even if that means treating a tooth and fortifying it with a dental crown or filling. In cases where the damage is too extensive to do this, we may turn to tooth extraction to make sure that the infection or damage doesn’t result in worsening oral health problems. Here are some of the situations in which we may suggest removing a tooth:

Severe damage or decay that can’t be treated.
Impacted teeth that pose several oral health risks.
Crowded teeth that prevent successful orthodontic treatment.
Removal of teeth to move forward with a restorative treatment.
Wisdom teeth that pose a risk to your oral health.

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